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We design lessons to meet your individual needs.

Your own programme at your own pace.

Our central scheme of work is the New Headway English course published by the Oxford University Press. This is a tried and tested course that is used throughout the world by learners of English.

We add in materials from many other sources to ensure that each student has what they need for their own individual situation and learning style. Students study their own lessons at their work stations and then come together to practise conversation. Every student has a PC and a work table for their own use, and headphones are provided. The teacher is there at all times to help, advise and explain.

The maximum group size at our centre is five students.

English for school


Learn how to chat with other students, ask essential questions and find your way around. School days can be tiring if you can't speak to anyone or understand what is going on. We will teach those important first questions and answers, and help your child to learn the basic vocabulary for their lessons.


Learn the words you need for maths, science, history etc. Practise reading to extend your vocabulary. Learn to write with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Don't get left behind!


Learn the technical vocabulary for your subjects, and extend your knowledge of all aspects of English. Read newspapers and textbooks. Write detailed and well-structured essays.

English for work

Do you need to speak to customers? Follow instructions? Write emails or reports? We listen to what you need to know for your job, and help you to practise and improve.

English for living

We need to use English for so many everyday things. Whether it is shopping, taking your children to the doctor or going out with friends, we will help you to learn the language for those situations that we all deal with every week.


We can help you to prepare for IELTS and TOEFL tests. These may be necessary for British citizenship and for entry to a UK university.

IELTS: International English Language Testing System

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

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