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The years spent at Primary School are essential in laying the foundations for success later on in a child's school career.

Children who struggle in these crucial early years may lose confidence and fail to develop the full range of skills in English and Maths they will need if they are to progress. Our approach is first to help put them back on track in the short term and help them to enjoy their learning, and then with top-up support to help them access the full range of learning experiences available in school and feel comfortable and self-confident in doing so.

Children who are bright may need that little extra stimulation to fully develop their potential and to help them to get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from their time at school. Sometimes such children might switch off, becoming bored, losing concentration and focus, and putting themselves at risk of failing. We can create tailor-made programmes that will stimulate and challenge them, maintain their interest and enthusiasm, and build a solid platform for success in secondary and further education. We will also support them in preparing for private school entrance exams.

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